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"We engaged with Sabrina to act in China on behalf of Lewis Road Creamery to oversee for various brand activation and key market entry priorities. She oversaw the introduction, strategy, structure and implementation of our activation at Shanghai Fashion Week. Sabrina is also well connected and had many introductions to high-value channel partners, further enhancing our in market opportunities. She is incredibly professional at managing both stakeholders and 3rd parties and managing all to a common goal. We were incredibly pleased with Sabrina's in market representation of the brand. She is highly pragmatic, known for getting things done, has a sound understanding of brand value and brand strategy, and in our experience, always delivers on what she says. In addition during her time working with Lewis Road, she continue to add value as a sounding board on the wider in market strategy drawing on her broad experience. We would absolutely work with Sabrina again in future."
(N. O'Rourke, General Manager at Lewis Road Creamery, NZ)
"We had a category defining personal care range (representing 37% category growth across grocery) and Sabrina carried out a Market Entry Analysis and Distribution Strategy for the US Market for for us. She did an excellent job. The strategy was well thought through, realistic and developed/presented in a way that was actionable by our team. I would highly recommends Sabrina for strategic planning, and developing tactical plans to execute said strategy."
(M. Cuevas, Managing Director API Consumer Brands, NZ)
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"I first met Sabrina when she was about to return to Shanghai and we were working though the early stages of a joint venture in China. Sabrina went the extra distance to support our efforts and was very useful in helping us understand the challenges and determine solutions. She has a wide range of contacts in China, that she freely introduced us to. She is hard working, reliable and a woman of complete integrity. Sabrina proved to be an excellent sounding board, she is proactive, direct, an excellent communicator, coupled with being extremely efficient. We appreciate the ongoing introductions Sabrina has provided, in order to give us a helping hand into the Shanghai market. I'm sure we will work together in the future."
(M. Acland, Director/CEO CITTA, NZ)
"I have known and worked with Sabrina on a number of projects since my return to New Zealand in 2013. Sabrina is thorough, tenacious, diligent and an exceptionally hard worker. She has returned to China to finished off what she started a number of years ago, this time with her family, so her commitment is without question. She is extremely capable networker, great at following through with what she makes a commitment to achieve and always puts her clients outcomes first. I look forward to working with Sabrina well into the future."
(P. English / CEO of BBC, NZ)
"I got to know Sabrina as a dedicated and result oriented professional that always delivers as promised. I was particularly impressed with her ability to achieve results through various teams not reporting to her - through her collaborative spirit, integrity and positive attitude she could gain support even beyond her region. She is a natural leader, knowing her targets, priorities and people."
(I. Ulbing / Vice President Sales & Operations at Swarovski Professional, A)
"Sabrina has contributed not only to establishing international business standards but also has established new sales channels in several new territories.
Her experience in implementing new market entry strategies as well as highlighting the corporate channel offering has highlighted to us that Sabrina knows her markets, businesses and people. 
She has an extensive network of high value professionals who are able to contribute not only to brand awareness in the international markets, but also have been supporting the emphasis on New Zealand as a brand itself highlighting the Blunt brand to these relevant channels.
I would like to recommend Sabrina as an experienced international business consultant with the ability to work with a variety of cultures being one of her many strengths. 
Sabrina is an honest and fair individual and we look forward to a successful joint future with her.
(S. Kington, Co-Founder & Managing Director, NZ)
"Sabrina is the client you hope to always work with as a consultant - super sharp, clear vision, demands excellence, people-oriented and fantastic as a collaborator. My team and I had the pleasure of working with Sabrina for about a year on a branded service experience in Asia. Not afraid of ambiguous challenges, managing across market/culture/timezone, rolling up her sleeves to 'get it done' or pivoting around unexpected obstacles - all while being steady, positive and a tireless facilitator of transformative thinking within the organization. To say the least, it was a pleasure and I look forward to more!" 
(C. Hosmer, Managing Director at Continuum Innovation, CN)
"Using Sabrina as a trainer to deliver workshops for us was a great decision. She created content that was relevant, creative, inventive and then had the ability to deliver it in a fun yet engaging manner! The participants took away useful tips and tools to immediately use, and from feedback, these tips and tools helped them a great deal!"
(J. Tan, Founder & Peak Performance Pilot, CN)
"At Xcape, we hired Sabrina as a consultant, to asses the management structure and marketing strategy in order to improve sales. Within a very short period of time, she was able to implement key changes that resulted in a 30% increase in sales as well as a much more streamlined booking system, linked to e-marketing. Sabrina is a multitalented and efficient individual. This and her general demeanor with a great affinity towards her colleagues as well as clients was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her expertise in management and as a person that can easily build morale and breathe life into any project she sets her sights on."
(A. Hamid, Founder & Managing Director, CN)
"Sabrina is a great colleague, very smart, well organized, creative and reliable. She has broad experience in organizing and managing projects, especially events and trade shows. She is integrative and convincing and works very well with diverse groups of people. She is one of the best colleagues I have worked with and would not hesitate to recommend her for any position in Marketing or Sales."
(P. Echle, Manager Product Marketing at Fujitsu Siemens Computers, DE)
"Sabrina hat mit Ihren hervorragenden Kundenkontakten in Asien und Ihren Logistik-Knowhow maßgeblich zum Erfolg von einigen wichtigen Projekten der TEL (Trans Eurasian Landbridge) beigetragen. Es wäre mir eine Freude, bei weiteren Gelegenheiten mit ihr zusammen zu arbeiten."
(H. Albers, Managing Director at Deutsche Bahn TEL, DE )
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