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Are you planning to grow internationally and structure your business to be ready for this step?

Complex as these challenges are, they also present your organisation with the opportunity to improve business performance and creating a competitive and sustainable advantage in the marketplace. 

SDJ provides professional experience and knowledge of various markets - with China being on the forefront of the portfolio. Together with selected partners, SDJ works with you to find best solutions by combining this expertise across a range of business disciplines to deliver and execute a comprehensive and strategic plan to your challenges.

SDJ's governing profile convinces by a high level of integrity, knowledge of facts and ability to analyze people and situations. She drives engagement between individuals and countries through an energetic, effective and pragmatic approach.

With offices both in China and New Zealand SDJ provides a bridge between those two markets whilst being an accessible and credible point of contact.

Map China New Zealand

“It’s about providing tools for progress and growth;

and making sure that impact lasts in your absence"

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